Configure Servers:

Server manager is designed to enable administrator to manage windows servers without having to interact directly with the server console.


Using the command line based tools are useful to setup the server post installation.


Sconfig.exe or Nedom.exe are your choices.

Changing a computer name via netdom



and to join to your domain:

Converting Between GUI and Server Core

  • To convert from full GUI to Core you must remove the following:
    • Graphical Management Tools and Interface
    • Server Graphical Shell
  • To GUI to Server core with PowerShell
  • To convert from Core to GUI

Configuring NIC Teaming:

NIC teaming is a feature in windows server 2012 r2 that enables administrators to combine the bandwidth of multiple network interface adapters, providing increased performance and fault tolerance.

You can get to it by using server manager>local server>properties>NIC teaming.

Deploying roles to VHDs


You can use Server Manger to deploy roles to VHDs that are offline.

Add roles and features>Before you begin> Installation Type(default)>Server Selection> Select virtual hard disk>

Adding rols / features to a offline .vhd! How cool.

Configuring Services

You can use server manager to stop and start services. BUT YOU CAN NOT USE IT TO CHANGE THE START UP TYPE. You have the still use the services mmc for that.

Desired State Configuration

Enables administrators to create modules called configurations, which consist of nodes representing computers and resources that define elements that administrators want to define as part of the configuration for a particular node.

DSC Configuration scripts on the server can configure nodes to check periodically for changes in their configurations or configure the server to push new configurations to nodes as needed.


1.) Install-WindowsFeatures

2.) Get-WindowsFeature

3)Install-WindowsFeature FS-FileServer

Install-WindowsFeature FS-DFS-NameSpace

Install-WindowsFeature FS-DFS-Replication

Install-WindowsFeature FS-NFS-Service

Install-WindowsFeature Print-InternetServices -allsubfeatures

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Windows-Auth

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Ftp-Service