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Getting Custom PowerShell functions work...

So you want to run a custom PowerShell function.. This is how it’s done.   Original Script:

Save the PowerShell “Function” to somewhere your user account has access to. In my case this is C:\1\ – and the file name is “LoggedInUser.ps1”.  Then you want to browse to where your script is saved. As […]

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PowerShell Script of the Week: July 20th...

Simple Script that came in hand today:

The “gpos.txt” located at C:\1\gpos.txt contains:

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Using PowerShell to open firewall ports

Greetings All, Quick little blurb about using PowerShell to open firewall ports. I used this when setting up a Windows Server 2012 R2 :Server Core box to host hyper V. I needed to open port 80 inbound to allow for replication between Hyper V hosts   New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName Port80 -Direction Inbound -enabled True -localport 80 […]

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Creating a new group, and duplicating me...

Here you are:

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Installing .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows...

For a piece of software Microsoft planned to retire, .Net 3.5 sure is needed a lot. It is used frequently with SQL and the System Center Suite. I needed to have .net 3.5 installed to a group of seven computers. I defined the computers in C:\1\computers.txt with the computer names (separated by line)

Install3dot5.ps1 […]

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Copying Files Remotely with Powershell

So I was in need of having to copy over install files for seven servers. I of course had the tool for the job “PowerShell!” This will take a text file located in C:\1\computers.txt with the computer names (separated by line) and run the command for each one.

Be sure to edit “” Enjoy […]

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